nolene conrad

We’re proud to be able to call Nolene Conrad one of our latest häzz ambassadors! We’ll be fuelling this professional athlete with coffee as she works her way towards representing South Africa at the Olympic Games in Tokyo later this year.

While Nolene currently lives in Somerset West, she works and trains in Stellenbosch, which makes our flagship café in Ryneveld Street the perfect stop for her daily coffee fix.

“I’m really passionate about coffee and I value excellence,” Nolene says. “From the moment I had my first cup of coffee at häzz, I was hooked. It was the best coffee I’d ever tasted. I also love the fact that it is a proudly South African brand.”

Nolene is a motivational speaker who inspires many other athletes across the globe. Her training philosophy is to try and be as consistent as she can. “When your training becomes routine, and you prioritise it above all else, it becomes easier.”

Her advice to aspiring athletes?

“Keep the commitments you make to yourself and keep challenging but attainable goals in mind. Achieving these goals will help to keep you motivated, especially when things are not going well.”

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