team mad macs

This Stellenbosch-based cycling team was founded by Alex Heward a few years ago, branching off of the Maties road team. Alex created a set-up in which students and young professionals could train, race and have fun on the bike while working or completing their tertiary education.

The start of 2019 brought a change in team dynamic, which saw the Mad Macs squad move to one of an under-23 professional nature. This meant that the team now consists of riders under the age of 23 who train and compete on a full time basis. These riders are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to South African U23 cycling.

With such a young team, more mature cyclists have a role to play in nurturing and guiding the riders through their careers. This is where Alex Heward (34), Etnard Louw (33), Jonathan van Geseleen (27) and Shaun Glover (23) fit into the picture. These older riders offer the core group of U23 riders, aka ‘The Boy Band’, valuable guidance as they race towards victory.

For Shaun, being a cyclist is an incredible adventure. “Not only can cycling make you feel like you’re on top of the world; it can also bring you to your knees at the hardest of times. I have often gone to a race with a cocky chip on my shoulder and left humbled, with my tail between my legs.”

Shaun believes that bike riders are heroes – one reason why the team is the perfect match for a brand such as häzz coffee. “Being constantly humbled and getting back up makes you a hero. But you don’t need to wear a cape – all you need is to drink a cup of häzz.”

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TEAM MAD MACS are powered by these admirable häzz members:

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