max sullivan

– Mountain Bike and Road Cyclist –


I arrived in Stellenbosch 7 years ago to study at the University with a couple of bags and my two bicycles, I fell in love with the town that I now call my home. I first visited hazz after about two weeks with a friend after a mellow cycle, I was hesitant due to the fact that I was not really a coffee drinker, however I guess you could say it was love at first sip. Single lattes very quickly became to double cappuccinos, and then onto multiple coffees in one sitting. My current favourite style is ‘The Boss’, a short double cuppa packed full of flavour with a nice caffeine kick, the boss is my go to before and after a cycle (and any other time for that matter). In the heat of summer an iced mocha or chai always goes down well after some exercise.

I love the friendly smiles that welcome you to the shop, and the impeccable service that comes with it, for many more years to come you’ll find me sitting on the stoep enjoying a cuppa, soaking up the truly Stellenbosch atmosphere.”

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