Samantha Davids

Sam’s Delicious Treats est. 2020

The story of Samantha Nicole Davids

My name is Samantha Nicole Davids director of Sam’s Delicious Treats. Who would’ve known that there would be Sam’s Delicious Treats or I will be a director or owner of a company, sometimes I must pinch myself to see if I’m not dreaming….

Summary of how I eventually become an entrepreneur.

I was working for “ Eetmark” where I met Susan Bosman who was my manager . Eetmark was a sort of a place where you can buy take away lunches and dinners and that came to an end after 1 year and Susan came to me with a proposal that I must come and work for her where she started supplying rusk biscuit. I took her offer as I just lost my job and income and like I always believe and what is one of my philosophies “Be grateful with what you receive because the Lord has many ways to test you “. So she started to train me on how to make rusk biscuit and not for long as business was expanding we hired a place on a farm.

In 2017 I met Marie and I continue with the baking her with the rusk, muffins, rice crispies etc… I learnt a lot from Marie for the 3 years until the pandemic ruined everything where we lost our jobs

In June 2020(lockdown level 3) I received a call from Marie where she ask me if I’m interested to supply Kashifa (Hazz Stellenbosch) with sandwiches where I was caught off guard and she motivate me to do so and she want an answer the night. I approach my husband and inform him about the call from Marie where he first ask questions and want my commitment before he agrees and from there he stood by my side and believe in me. Marie offered to sell her ovens and equipment to me and from there onwards we supply Hazz Stellenbosch & Newlands. Our first mission we accomplish in July where the company was registered with the name “Sam’s Delicious Treats “.

From only sandwiches Kashifa encourage me to also do mini cakes, muffins & wraps and so we supply. At first Kashifa always told me or keep me on the toes with how the mini cakes icing looks and she wants it or the muffin must be little bit bigger than this but hey this how I learnt to keep my clients happy “a happy client is a happy supplier “because if she didn’t inform me about what she expect how would I have known. So from we start making Quiches, rice crispies, chocolate brownies and stated with Cakes

 So as up on today we expand so much that we supply for 3 more companies as well excluding Stellenbosch- & Newlands Hazz. We also have done several parties, confirmation celebrations during the year and we do not only supply or satisfied humans we also had to bake a birthday cake for a dog who celebrates her 10th birthday in October.

So Susan Bosman and Marie played a major part in my career by believing in me and I’m grateful for what they had seen in me I salute them. Thank you

Meet Nolene Conrad

We’re proud to be able to call Nolene Conrad one of our latest häzz ambassadors! We’ll be fuelling this professional athlete with coffee as she works her way towards representing South Africa at the Olympic Games in Tokyo later this year.

While Nolene currently lives in Somerset West, she works and trains in Stellenbosch, which makes our flagship café in Ryneveld Street the perfect stop for her daily coffee fix.

“I’m really passionate about coffee and I value excellence,” Nolene says. “From the moment I had my first cup of coffee at häzz, I was hooked. It was the best coffee I’d ever tasted. I also love the fact that it is a proudly South African brand.”

Nolene is a motivational speaker who inspires many other athletes across the globe. Her training philosophy is to try and be as consistent as she can. “When your training becomes routine, and you prioritise it above all else, it becomes easier.”

Her advice to aspiring athletes? “Keep the commitments you make to yourself and keep challenging but attainable goals in mind. Achieving these goals will help to keep you motivated, especially when things are not going well.”

Follow Nolene on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

häzz, coffee for heroes

häzz as a brand supports a modern, youthful and healthy culture. The slogan for häzz reads: coffee for heroes, stating an appreciation for people making an improvement to their community using local resources to make the best of their own talent.

The bottom line is that everyone can be a hero on any given day. And häzz wants to celebrate that on a daily basis.

We have official brand ambassadors – or häzz heroes – in the likes of endurance athlete Landie Greyling, triathlete Mari Rabie, personal trainer Mia Mocke and motorcycle endurance junkie Timothy Hay.

Mari, currently traveling for her triathlon races said it best: “The häzz family embodies a characteristic way of thinking, feeling and acting. Like-minded people that do not mind standing out from the crowd and doing their own thing! In a world dominated by what is regular, be like häzz – unique, independent & committed to quality.”

“I am so proud to be part of the häzz family as I am so passionate about the brand. häzz truly have the best coffee in the world! I love traveling, but whenever I travel I probably miss my häzz fix the most. Apart from the coffee – the häzz shop in Stellenbosch is like my home. I love the vibe and the people. It’s my happy place,” Mia our latest hero added.

Landie has been an häzz hero for a few years already, also said: “I really love the soft and flavourful taste of the häzz blend. The aromas early in the morning when we start brewing are priceless! To feel like a hero everyday is special just as special as being part of the häzz family – like-minded people with so much positive energy!”

We have shops in Stellenbosch and Newlands – both has vibrant communities with a great appreciation for good quality coffee.

Meet Team Mad Macs

Coffee and cycling go together like hot toast and butter. Not only does a cup of Americano warm cold hands after an early-morning ride, it provides a burst of energy and a chance to catch up with cycling buddies.

As coffee and cycling are such good partners, it made perfect sense for South African pro cycling team Mad Macs to partner with häzz. Named after Mad Macs Motorcycles in Somerset-West, the team’s main sponsor, Team Mad Macs is also powered by our top-quality Arabica beans. Nick McFall, owner of Mad Macs Motorcycles, has been backing the riders for a long time, ensuring sustainability of the team, while häzz came on board as a secondary sponsor in 2017.

Pairing coffee with cycling is, interestingly, a trend that first started in Italy. According to, a Milanese coffee company called Faema came out of the post-war boom and took Italy by storm after World War II. Faema famously sponsored their own cycling team. And, in the 60s and 70s, notorious hard rider Eddy Merckx became Team Faema’s poster boy, elevating coffee’s status in the cycling world.

Team Mad Macs, set up by ex-Maties cyclist Alex Heward, currently includes eight professional cyclists from the Stellenbosch and Somerset-West area: Max Sullivan, Declan Sidey, Greg de Vink, Jonathan (Jonno) van Gesselleen, Etnard Louw, Rocco King, Shaun Glover and, of course, Alex. The cyclists are all between the ages of 19 and 33. Some are still studying at Stellenbosch University, while others have already built successful careers.

When first setting up the team, Alex’s aim was to develop young riders, using Maties Cycling Club as its talent pool. This strategy has proven to be incredibly successful. Over the past few years, the team has fared remarkably well, both locally and internationally. Earlier this year, Jonno took 8th place in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, while Greg won 3rd place in the Herald Cycle Tour. The team also came out tops in PEPLETT – 4-day mountain bike stage race across the Garden Route.

The team mostly trains over weekends, always stopping for a coffee along the way. “Visiting häzz is a nice social thing for us,” says Max. “We sit and plan our races and catch up. We love that there’s always a bit of a buzz.”

Häzz was Max’s first introduction to coffee when he moved from KwaZulu-Natal to Stellenbosch as a student – part of the reason why he is thrilled to still be associated with the brand.

“I never used to drink coffee,” Max says. “But then a mate introduced me to häzz. I started with a single espresso, and then a double… He made me fall in love with the brand. When we started looking for sponsors, häzz was top of mind.”

Follow Team Mad Macs on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and pop in to experience the häzz buzz for yourself!

Spicy coffee rub

For the carnivores.


recipe [serves 2]


1 tablespoon olive oil
1 steak of your choice per person (sirloin on the bone is recommended)

1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon chopped turkish apricots, dried
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon ground himalayan pink salt
1 tablespoon red chilli pepper flakes
1 tablespoon coffee grounds
1 tablespoon fresh, crushed garlic
1 tablespoon smoked paprika

Mix all the ingredients for the rub together.
Apply the olive oil to the entire steak and then sprinkle the rub onto the meat. Cover the steak and allow the flavours to develop over 2 hours in the fridge.
Sear the steak on both sides according to your preference and leave to rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

….also delicious on the braai!