landi greyling

This professional trail runner lives in Stellenbosch and loves drinking perfectly brewed häzz coffee. She’s been racing on trails since 2011, and has built quite a name for herself in South African sports cycles.

Described by Runners World as ‘Miss Sunshine’, Landie burst onto the trail-running scene a couple of years ago, and has achieved 30 top positions in the last few years, including victories at the Salomon SkyRun, the Two Oceans Trail Run, the Hout Bay Trail Challenge, and the Old Fishermans Trail Challenge.

Others sports include slack lining, mountain biking, and beach tennis. Her favourite music ranges from Jeremy Loops, Fun and Counting Crows to Imagine Dragons and jazz. Her passions include travelling to new places, spending time with animals, and enjoying live orchestra music.

Landie’s philosophy? “Live your dreams, be disciplined, smile and be kind!”

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