christiaan greyling

Christiaan, a professional trail runner and qualified engineer, lives in Stellenbosch with pro-athlete wife, Landie Greyling. When he isn’t travelling to the Lesotho mountains or the Alps in search of new trails and challenges, he works on his trail-coaching business.

“One of the few things that remains a constant every day is my cup of morning häzz – sometimes made at home with my Breville, on a mountain top with my Bialetti, in a hotel room with my Aeropress, or simply enjoyed at häzz in Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch.”

After eight years of focused trail running, Christiaan won the following major races:
– 2017 Otter African Trail Run, Eastern Cape (42km)
– Azores Trail Run, Portugal (42km)
– Riano Trail Run, Spain (100km)
– 2016 SkyRun, Eastern Cape (100km)
– 2015 Ultra Trail Cape Town (100km)
– Table Mountain Challenge (40km)

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