The häzz family embodies a characteristic way of thinking, feeling and acting – like-minded people who don’t mind standing out from the crowd and doing their own thing! We support a modern, youthful and healthy culture. Our slogan reads: coffee for heroes. This recognises our appreciation for people who improve their communities with the help of local resources, their own skills, and hard work.

Johannes de Villiers is a yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and author, who says he has three homes: his house, his yoga studio, and his local häzz cafés in Stellenbosch.

After years of intensive study in South Africa, the United States, Britain, Italy and Myanmar, Johannes became the co-owner of The Hot Yoga Studio – Stellenbosch’s über-popular, heated yoga studio. He is one of only two qualified teachers of Rocket Yoga in South Africa.

When not teaching in Stellenbosch, Johannes runs Klooster, a yoga and meditation hub in the Overstrand town of Stanford. His popular book Kalmte in die Malle Gejaag chronicles his adventures in mindfulness.

“Inner peace is hard, steady work,” he says. “But if you’re looking for a shortcut, you can’t go wrong with a cup of häzz coffee.”

When asked how he likes to start his day, he mentions that he likes to wake up early – before the world starts buzzing. “This means I’m often at The Hot Yoga Studio at 5:30am, where I teach or practice yoga from 6am to 7am. This is followed up with some mindfulness meditation.”

As a result of waking up at the crack of dawn, Johannes often hits a mid-morning slump at around 9am. “This is when you’d find me at häzz in Ryneveld Street (or at the Andringa Street branch if I need coffee on the go), fuelling up for the second half of my day.”

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Team IMBUKO Giant, a formidable team of cyclists under the management of Max Sullivan, have just joined the ranks of proud häzz ambassadors.

Young guns Marco Joubert and Nicol Carstens will be tackling South Africa’s most gruelling races this year, all while being fuelled with häzz coffee.

Backed by Imbuko Wines, GIANT Bicycles, häzz coffee and a number of other sponsors, the team is looking forward to an exciting season.

Early-season goals include kicking things off at the Attakwas Extreme, followed by the Tankwa Trek and the Imbuko Wines Big 5 MTB Challenge, as well as some other events in the build-up to the ABSA Cape Epic. The team will also venture up country for the Nissan Trailseeker Series and Sani2C.

When asked why they like to partner with häzz, Max notes that coffee just fits in with the lifestyle. “Stopping at a café mid-ride or post-ride allows you to refuel and relax for a bit. The caffeine kick also goes a long way on the bike.”

Follow the team’s progress on Imbuko Giant’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and keep an eye on our accounts for fitness tips and advice from the gents in blue!

Landie Greyling

This professional trail runner lives in Stellenbosch and loves drinking perfectly brewed häzz coffee. She’s been racing on trails since 2011, and has built quite a name for herself in South African sports cycles.

Described by Runners World as ‘Miss Sunshine’, Landie burst onto the trail-running scene a couple of years ago, and has achieved 30 top positions in the last few years, including victories at the Salomon SkyRun, the Two Oceans Trail Run, the Hout Bay Trail Challenge, and the Old Fishermans Trail Challenge.

Others sports include slack lining, mountain biking, and beach tennis. Her favourite music ranges from Jeremy Loops, Fun and Counting Crows to Imagine Dragons and jazz. Her passions include travelling to new places, spending time with animals, and enjoying live orchestra music.

Landie’s philosophy? “Live your dreams, be disciplined, smile and be kind!”

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Mia Mocke

Mia is a personal trainer who owns her own successful business called Mia’s Training in Stellenbosch.

She’s a fierce competitor who loves a challenge. As such, Mia has competed in and completed events like the 70.3 Ironman, the Comrades Marathon, and the Cape Epic. When she’s not spending time enjoying the outdoors, or taking her clients through a training session, you’ll most probably find her at häzz Stellenbosch. Mia also just had her first baby, so is spending a bit more time at home.

Visit her website for more info and keep an eye out for news of her häzz runs on Instagram. These are great fun, and always start and end at häzz Stellenbosch.




Christaan Greyling

Christiaan, a professional trail runner and qualified engineer, lives in Stellenbosch with pro-athlete wife, Landie Greyling. When he isn’t travelling to the Lesotho mountains or the Alps in search of new trails and challenges, he works on his trail-coaching business.

“One of the few things that remains a constant every day is my cup of morning häzz – sometimes made at home with my Breville, on a mountain top with my Bialetti, in a hotel room with my Aeropress, or simply enjoyed at häzz in Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch.”

After eight years of focused trail running, Christiaan won the following major races:
– 2017 Otter African Trail Run, Eastern Cape (42km)
– Azores Trail Run, Portugal (42km)
– Riano Trail Run, Spain (100km)
– 2016 SkyRun, Eastern Cape (100km)
– 2015 Ultra Trail Cape Town (100km)
– Table Mountain Challenge (40km)

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Team Mad Macs powered by häzz members:

  • Alex Heward
  • Jonathan van Gesselleen
  • Matthew Keyser
  • Shaun Glover
  • Etnard Louw
  • Johann Trotzky
  • Wynand Dippenaar
  • Rocco King

This Stellenbosch-based cycling team was founded by Alex Heward a few years ago, branching off of the Maties road team. Alex created a set-up in which students and young professionals could train, race and have fun on the bike while working or completing their tertiary education.

The start of 2019 brought a change in team dynamic, which saw the Mad Macs squad move to one of an under-23 professional nature. This meant that the team now consists of riders under the age of 23 who train and compete on a full time basis. These riders are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to South African U23 cycling.

With such a young team, more mature cyclists have a role to play in nurturing and guiding the riders through their careers. This is where Alex Heward (34), Etnard Louw (33), Jonathan van Geseleen (27) and Shaun Glover (23) fit into the picture. These older riders offer the core group of U23 riders, aka ‘The Boy Band’, valuable guidance as they race towards victory.

For Shaun, being a cyclist is an incredible adventure. “Not only can cycling make you feel like you’re on top of the world; it can also bring you to your knees at the hardest of times. I have often gone to a race with a cocky chip on my shoulder and left humbled, with my tail between my legs.”

Shaun believes that bike riders are heroes – one reason why the team is the perfect match for a brand such as häzz coffee. “Being constantly humbled and getting back up makes you a hero. But you don’t need to wear a cape – all you need is to drink a cup of häzz.”

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