The häzz family embodies a characteristic way of thinking, feeling and acting. Like-minded people that do not mind standing out from the crowd and doing their own thing! In a world dominated by what is regular, be like häzz – unique, independent & committed to quality. We support a modern, youthful and healthy culture. Our slogan reads: coffee for heroes, stating an appreciation for people making an improvement to their community using local resources to make the best of their own talent.

The Team:

  • Alex Heward (Elite)
  • Jonathan van Gesselleen (Elite)
  • Max Sullivan (Elite)
  • Ian Lategan (U23)
  • Shaun Glover (U23)
  • CP van Wyk (U23)
  • Bradley Gouveris (U23)
  • Charles McFall (MTB)
  • Etnard Louw (MTB)

This Stellenbosch based semi-professional student cycling team was founded by Alex Heward a few years back, branching off of the Maties road team. Alex has created a set-up in which students can train, race and have fun on the bike whilst completing their tertiary education, he has enabled students to compete on a professional level making the teams’ structure one of a kind in South Africa

When the riders aren’t hitting the books or in the library, they can be found out on the open roads to Franschhoek or Pringle Bay, often starting and ending their rides with a häzz coffee. In 2017 the team will continue competing at the highest level in the Western Cape, as well as taking on some of the larger national races. Mountain bike races also feature on the calendar for most of the team. The student riders also compete for Maties, attaining outstanding results at the National Competition over the last three years.

All in all, the team brings cycling students together to enjoy a coffee, pedal some bicycles, enjoy the lifestyle, compete at the highest level possible and have fun whilst doing so.

Landie Greyling

Living in Stellenbosch and love drinking perfectly brewed coffee, enjoying some fine wine along with exceptional cuisine. Been racing on trails since 2011.

Described by Runners World as Miss Sunshine and the most cheerful runner on the trail circuit, Landie has burst onto the trail running scene and has achieved 30 top positions in the last two years, which includes victories at the Salomon Skyrun, Two Oceans Trail Run, Houtbay and Old Fishermans Trail Challenge.

Others sports include slack lining, mountain biking, and beach tennis. Her favourite music various from Jeremy Loops, Fun, Counting Crows and Imagine Dragons to Jazz.

Her philosophy is to live your dreams, be disciplined, smile and be kind! Her passions are visiting new places, animals and live orchestra music.

Mia Mocke

Mia is a personal trainer of her own business Mia’s Training in Stellenbosch. Mia is a fierce competitor and lover of all that is a challenge. She has competed and completed in events like Ironman, 70.3 Ironman, Comrades and the Cape Epic.

Mia loves her hazz coffee. When she is not taking on the outdoors or putting her clients through a typical Mia’s Training session you will most probably find her at hazz in Stellenbosch!

Me in Action

Mari Rabie

South Africa’s foremost female triathlete Mari Rabie is not only a lover of all that is sporty, but she is also the co-founder of the movepretty athleisure brand for active women and a hazz hero.

After finishing in the top ten at four different World Junior Championships (02, 03, 04, and 05), Mari joined the elite ranks by competing in her first World Cup in 2005, the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. In 2008 she also finished 3rd in the U23 World Championships becoming the first and only African to medal at an ITU Triathlon Elite World Championship.

Mari won the very prestigious academic scholarship, a Rhodes Scholarship in 2010 to study at Oxford University. She is a fierce student – MBA (Oxford), MSc Applied Statistics, (Oxford), BComm Actuarial Science, (Stellenbosch) – and currently along with being a triathlete she works at Remgro in Stellenbosch.

Timothy Hay

I have always had a passion for riding since I was a young boy. My father bought me a little pea wee 50 to ride in the garden and from then I was hooked! Now I have taken part in a few races throughout the years and look forward to a few more.

The show Journey to the Roof was an idea Nic Stanisis and myself came up with. We both shared the passion for riding and one day we said to each other let’s do the Roof of Africa. And so the Journey began.

Coffee bomb in the morning: teaspoon of hazz coffee, teaspoon of a sugar free nut butter, teaspoon of butter or coconut oil hot water and you crack an egg in the hot water stir for a few minutes the egg will go hard and everything will mix.