We offer a special blend of pure Arabica beans. The beans are sourced responsibly with the help of traceable projects. Our blend of Central American, South American and African beans has an exceptional, wide range of aromas. This is accompanied by a bold but round and smooth body. We roast on demand only, making sure that each batch is as fresh as possible.


Responsible sourcing is a practice of ethical coffee sourcing. We source directly from the farmers and the trade is all about respect, quality and building strong relationships.


Winner of an international coffee-tasting award in 2012. Judges from various countries tasted coffees from all over the world. häzz was awarded for its espresso.


Coffee is cultivated in mainly two varietals: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta grows at lower altitudes and is easier to maintain. Arabica is sought after and high in quality. It grows at higher altitudes and has fuller and more balanced flavour profiles.


Rich, strong, smooth and full bodied. Our blend is well balanced, and sings with hazelnut and chocolate flavours. The aroma is sweet, pleasant and lingering.